Sold-Ya-Car are The Real Estate Agent of the Car Industry

Our experienced agents are experts in the field of private car sales and handle all aspects of the process of selling your car from start to finish. At Sold-Ya-Car we know that there is a lot of work involved in selling your car and that many sellers settle for a price less than what they had hoped. We go to work for you to ensure that your car is sold quickly and for the right price.


To get the right price for your car our agents offer a free consultation to evaluate your car. For a true evaluation it is important for us to know about the condition of the car and the number of Kilometres it has done. Taking this information we provide you with a competitive pricing for the make and model of your car. We value your car as both a trade-in and private sales perspective.


Because our business is mobile this means that we are able to meet with you wherever is most convenient. It doesn’t matter if you’re at work, home, or at the gym, we will come to you wherever you are as long as you have your car with you.


Once we agree on a Price you’re happy with, we’ll initiate a Listing agreement, this means that Sold-Ya-Car will be in the best position to make the sale happen for you. We like doing things properly and efficiently as we’re sure you do too. We’ll help get your car out to the market as fast as possible.


In order to get the best price for your car we need to make sure it stands out from the other cars on the market. If you don’t already have a Roadworthy Certificate, the first thing that we do for you is check your car for Road Worthiness, Road Worthy cars sell much faster.
We can help handle any fixes the car may need, it is recommended that fixes be made, in our experience, the better the car looks, the faster it sells and the better price you get for it.
In order to make your car look as best it can, we advise for your car detailed prior to any photographs being taken, so that our professional photos make your car stands out amongst other cars on the market.


We use all of our experience to ensure that we use the right types of adverts, comments and photos for your cars, to make sure they are presented professionally online and through social media. We will also trawl our database to look for prospective buyers for your car.


You can choose different levels of involvement for Sold-Ya-Car to have in the sale of your car:-

From taking professional photos and setting up adverts for you, taking care of the phone calls, emails and time wasters (with the hope of then only dealing with genuine buyers) to an all encompassing package where even organise to pick up your car for viewings and take care of the negotiation for you.

We work closely with a wonderful finance brokerage to help the buyer get finance if need be and get the approval through very quickly, and help both parties with the paperwork involved in buying a car, but ultimately the goal is to ensure that the process is fast and seamless. Read FAQ page for more info on finance options.


For your security and peace of mind Sold-Ya-Car can assist the transfer of funds for both parties so that they can be confident that there will be no hiccups in the payment process.


Our mission is to take all of the work out of selling your car, while getting the best price for your car. We handle all that we can so that your hassle free and not taking up your spare time handling the sale.

We aim to sell your car quickly, it is in our best interest, because we only get paid when you have received your money from the sale.

Because we are selling your car privately costs are low and we are confident that we can put more money in your pocket.


  • Sold-Ya-Car is helping mediate the sale of a vehicle owned in its entirety by a Private seller, as such no Statutory Warranty is offered on any vehicles shown on this site unless stated otherwise.
  • Sold-Ya-Car reserve the right to use photos of any of the vehicles shown here on any other site managed by Sold-Ya – as per any sales and purchase agreements.
  • Sold-Ya-Car are a Fully Licensed as a Motor Dealer.
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